Lost Lake

Instrumental surf-rock, cool and unusal covers, and improv

New CD - Return to Whatever

Return to Whatever CD cover

Features eight newly-recorded covers of old songs you may have heard of - and maybe some you haven't ...

Also features five new band-improvised instrumental pieces recorded live in the studio

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Track Listing:

  1. State Trooper (Springsteen)
  2. Blind Willie McTell (Dylan)
  3. Sunset at Mavericks Part 1 (improv by Lost Lake)
  4. Come Together (Lennon-McCartney)
  5. Sunset at Mavericks Part 2 (improv by Lost Lake)
  6. Tombstone Blues (Dylan)
  7. The Beat Goes On (S. Bono)
  8. Snake Oil (improv by Lost Lake)
  9. Signed D.C. (Lee)
  10. Born in the USA (Springsteen)
  11. Spoonful (Dixon)
  12. Sharkbitten (improv by Lost Lake)
  13. Return to Whatever (improv by Lost Lake,
    based on a theme by bass player Andy Walters)

Without a Paddle

Without a Paddle, Lost Lake's debut album of all-original instrumentails is still available. More ...

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